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Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers (F.K.K. Animal Rescue) is a foundation located in Kralendijk, Bonaire, at Flor di Cuba 40. Since May 20, 2014, our foundation has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce Bonaire under case number 2422/MK.

Unfortunately, the issue of stray dogs and cats, as well as neglected and/or abused dogs and cats, is distressingly significant on Bonaire. Thanks to our collaboration with the Animal Protection Bonaire, Foundation Animal Aid Bonaire, and the police and fire department of Bonaire, our foundation receives an increasing number of animals.

In all of these projects, we are fortunate to receive support, both in advice and action, from several prominent Dutch animal organizations, such as the Foundation DierenLot, Foundation Het Waardige Dier, and Foundation Dierenhulp.

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What we do

A significant reason for our existence is the prevalence of distressed animals in Bonaire.
We shelter dogs and cats that come from dire circumstances.
We provide them with shelter, healing, and rehabilitation.
Every animal deserves a second chance; a chance for a golden basket.


We rescue stray dogs and cats, as well as dogs and cats confiscated by the Animal Protection Bonaire, from their very dire situations.

Confiscations are typically the result of neglect and/or (severe) mistreatment of the animals in question.


We shelter stray dogs and cats, as well as dogs and cats confiscated by the Animal Protection Bonaire, in our foundation. We care for the animals and provide them with a speedy recovery. We ensure their (re)socialization.


We strive to rehome every incoming animal into a loving, caring, and safe environment. After rehoming the animal, we maintain contact with the new ‘owners’ to stay informed about the living conditions and, consequently, the well-being of the rehomed animal.

We provide shelter for dogs and cats that, due to circumstances, cannot be (re)placed anymore. Thanks to the foundation’s ‘non-killing’ policy, these animals are allowed and able to enjoy their remaining years in a caring environment with us.

We are a
Public Benefit Organization (PBO)

We hold an ANBI certification, indicating that we meet stringent quality standards. This ensures that we contribute to a better world for animals, handle each contribution we receive carefully, and provide accountability. ANBI stands for ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’ in Dutch, which translates to ‘Public Benefit Organization’ in English. We are fully committed to the public interest of dogs and cats in Bonaire. The outcomes of the work we carry out are beneficial for the entire community.

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Animals in need

We are a non-profit organization on Bonaire. We take in neglected and abused dogs and cats.
We ensure these animals recover and then seek new homes for them.
With the ‘Animals in Need’ campaign, we hope to receive some support.
Here’s to a bright future for the animals!

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