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Finding a loving place with us

Our goal is to get as many dogs and cats adopted as possible, both on Bonaire and abroad.
Unfortunately, this is not possible for all animals, for example, because they are too traumatized.
These animals find a loving place to live with us.

We are a
Public Benefit Organization (PBO)

We hold an ANBI certification, indicating that we meet stringent quality standards. This ensures that we contribute to a better world for animals, handle each contribution we receive carefully, and provide accountability. ANBI stands for ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’ in Dutch, which translates to ‘Public Benefit Organization’ in English. We are fully committed to the public interest of dogs and cats in Bonaire. The outcomes of the work we carry out are beneficial for the entire community.

Our partners

Our partners are very important to us, and it doesn’t matter whether they are big or small companies.
Without them, we simply wouldn’t be able to do our work well enough!

Animals in need

We are a non-profit organization on Bonaire. We take in neglected and abused dogs and cats.
We ensure these animals recover and then seek new homes for them.
With the ‘Animals in Need’ campaign, we hope to receive some support.
Here’s to a bright future for the animals!

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