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We are the founders of F.K.K. Animal Rescue. In 2011, we moved to Bonaire from the Netherlands. Both of us had jobs, and we had no plans to start an animal shelter. Initially, we had our own dog, but over time, we ended up with more. This led to a snowball effect, ultimately resulting in us establishing a foundation called “Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers.”

In 2014, we established a foundation for the shelter, with a board of people who have a passion for animals. These individuals provide us with advice and support. Unfortunately, our shelter receives no subsidies, which means we rely entirely on donations, sponsorship, and our own resources. Fortunately, there are several animal welfare organizations that support us and actively brainstorm on how to best care for the animals and improve animal welfare on Bonaire. Step by step, we are professionalizing the shelter. We are building additional kennels, have an animal ambulance, and a hospital with a treatment room.

A significant reason for our existence is the prevalence of animals on the island that are in distress. We take in all dogs and cats that still have a chance, and we strictly adhere to a “non-killing” policy. In other words, we do not euthanize animals unless it is genuinely in the best interest of the animal due to severe illness or injury. Our goal is to get as many dogs and cats adopted as possible, both on Bonaire and abroad. Unfortunately, this is not possible for all animals, for example, because they are too traumatized. These animals find a loving place to live with us.

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