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Many animals that are lovingly taken in and cared for by us have been discarded, neglected, abused, or literally thrown away by their previous owners. Other animals are strays, sick, or have had accidents. Every animal that comes to us sick or neglected receives medical care from our dedicated veterinarian. If necessary for the well-being and survival of the animal, we also perform necessary surgeries.
We do not euthanize any animal unless absolutely necessary, and we firmly stand behind our “non-killing” policy!

All of this costs our foundation a significant amount of money. We rely on sponsors, gifts, and donations for the vast majority of our funding. Through sponsors, gifts, and donations, we can provide animals with a safe haven. In most cases, we also offer that all-important second chance—a chance for a new, safe, warm, and loving home.

For donations in any form, whether big or small, you are always welcome to support us!

Animals in need

We are a non-profit organization on Bonaire. We take in neglected and abused dogs and cats.
We ensure these animals recover and then seek new homes for them.
With the ‘Animals in Need’ campaign, we hope to receive some support.
Here’s to a bright future for the animals!

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